Monday, January 30, 2017

Why I pre-ordered a Nintendo Switch

While the short version is "I have to play the newest Zelda game!" I'll try to give a list of justifications for a new toy that some people think is overpriced or irrelevant.

First, some quick video game system background is probably in order. I have a PS4 and have been thinking about adding a PS VR to it. But the $500 price tag is hard for me to justify for something that doesn't seem to have much more than a few cool tech demos. I have an original 3DS that I (very) occasionally play Mario Kart with friends. I've been somewhat interested in a few of the Wii U games that came out over the years, but never enough to justify the cost of that failing system.

So a Switch gives me basically everything I would want out of a Wii U (Mario, Zelda, play without taking up a TV) AND act as a 3DS replacement for a price that's less than PS VR. I worry a little bit about eventual 3rd party support, but I'm okay with it being a Nintendo first party machine. Anything beyond that would just be gravy. I don't care much about streaming services on Switch, I probably have 7 other devices that I can watch Netflix or Amazon Video on. Oh, and I'd be more likely to hand my still-a-bit-too-young-for-video-games kid a Nintendo controller than strap on a VR headset to her. That's a pretty weak rationalization I know, but whatever...Zelda!

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